25 June, 2009

muslim society

All praise be to Allah (Swt),the God who had sent His Messenger Muhammad(Saw). I bear witness that there is no god but Allah(Swt),no partners with him,I also bear witness that Muhammad(Saw) is His Devotee and Messenger.May peace and blessings be upon Muhammad(Saw),His family and all his companious,Amma Ba'du Allah(Swt) said in His sacred Book,A'udzu billahi minasysyaithanirrajim: ''And thou(standest) on an exalted standart of character''(al-Qalam:4) If we see our society with a thorough look,we will not see but sinfulness,do not smell but sinful odor,do not touch but violent relationship,do not feel but the bitterness of life,do not hear but slanders that spread out in every single place.So many cruel eyes crave for immorality.So many hands of the offenders take out the rights of other people,So many noses of the lewd people kiss the prohibited things,So many ears are greedy to hear defective news,So many tongues of advisorstalk about wickedness,And so many heart that are formerly calm become burnt out by unresolved resentment. Is the Muslim condition similar to that?Is it true condition of faithful people?Is it true condition of the youth who are proud of the Qur'an?Is it true condition of the next generation who consider the messenger as their model? NO!the condition of the next Muslim generation is not paralled to that.They are not like that and never be like that.We are prohibited to have low moral value,we also prohibited to imitate the disastrous western ways of life! In fact Islam intructs us to have the noble character.Islam asks us furnish ourselves with good values,Islam insists us to behave in honorable ways. Allah(Swt)said in His sacred Book:''You are the best people,evolved for mankind,enjoining what right,forbidding what wrong''(Ali-Imron:110) Be afraid of Allah(Swt) and purify your heart and mind.If you do so,you will become people who are loved by Allah(Swt).Corect your acts and beautify your characters,than your will be mostly loved by the society. We will never be able to have Islamic character,norable to implement the noble character in our daily lives unless there is a strong desire in our heart.Our Heart won't also have a power unless we live with Faith(iman) and strengthen it with ISLAM.Amien...Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil 'Alamin

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