17 July, 2009

welcome mi'raj-unNabi

welcome MI'RAJ-UN-NABI(27-rojab-1430/20-july-2009) Praise be to Allah,the God who perpetuates His servants with Isra mi'raj. The event of Isra mi'raj is one of miracles of our Prophet Muhammad saw.Allah honor our great prophet deeply with this miracle when he experienced painful and frightening luck.At that time disbelivers tortured the messenger with the smartest,interfered with his missionary endeavour by employing,various menners,shattered his follower and discilpes.All of these painfull suffering took is climaxs after His uncle(Abu Tholib) and his wife(Khidijah) passed away. ''At the night when I was taken Isra mi'raj,that was when I arrived at seven in the sky,I saw(an odd view).I saw upward and suddenly,I found thunder,flash of lighting and thunderbolt.I then came to agroup of people whose stomaches were like house containing snakes.The snakes could be been from outside their stomaches.I than asked ''o..Jibril..who are there...?''He answered''they are people who used to eat usury''.This Hadits was told by Imam Ahmad.At the night,the Messanger also witessed other events,all of wich you can find in his naratives in the book and Hadits. In the Isra mi'raj is purposefull,and the real purpose is to bring the Messanger to Allah.The Messanger recieved this commandmet directly from Allah to be delivered directly to the human kind for prayers,beside prayercan also cause close relationship among the Moslem anywhere they are.The most important thing we have to know in this occasion is that Isra mi'raj is the miracle of the Messenger which is the same with miracles of previous messenger. Dear Brother and Sister who are honored by Allah.... Lets we keep this Story with think and understanding we will always keep this commanded.Wish Allah Bleesing all people Moslem in this world,amien...waRobbul arsyl Azhim....

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