16 June, 2009


Demise of ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE (May Allah please Him) on 22 jumadi-ul-tsani
Alhamdu Lillai Rabbil 'alameen,Wa salatu wa Salaamu'alaa asrafil mursaleen. Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina wamoulanaa Muhammadin wa a'la aalihee wa sahbihee wasallim. This day is good days..,Whoever in the world have celebreate of Moslem,the month of Jumadil-ul-tsani we are un forgetten of ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE(R),He was worst enemies of Islam,He is enemy as a fiend and support Muhammad(saw).He saw that Allah(Swt)had made Islam victorious,that all promises Allah(Swt) to the Moslem were fulfilled and that all the propecies made by Rasulullah(Saw) came true.it was time for him to see the light. People in the world who accept the message of Islam become Moslem,and all their previous misdeeds are forgiven by Allah(Swt)and forgotten by Moslem. Amien...Allahu Rabbi guide us to Straight way.....

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