09 July, 2009

the moslem wolrd

The moslem population of the world is around one billion,30% of Moslem live in the Indian subcontininent,20% in sub-saharan Africa,17% in southest Asia,18% in Arab World,10% in the Soviet Union an China.Turkey.Iran and Afghanistan comprise 10% of the non-Arab Midlle East. Although there are Moslem minorities almost every area ,including latin America and Australia,they are most numerous in the Soviet Union,India and Central Africa. There are 5 million Moslem in the United States. More biilion people from a vast range of races,nationalities and cultures across the globe from the southern Philipinnes to nigeria are united by their common Islamic Faith,The world largest Moslem community is in Indonesia,subtantial part of Asia and most of Africa are Moslem,while significant minorities are to be found in the Soviet Union,China,North and South America,and Europe. In Holy book''O Mankind! We created you from a single soul,male and female,and made you into nations and tribes,so that you may come to know one another.Truly the most honored of you in God sight is the greatest of you in piety.God is Knowing,All-Aware.(QS,49:13)'' this page was incorporated from the book consultan the Islamic Text Society,Cambridge,UK,1989

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