10 July, 2009

indonesia elections

INDONESIAN ELECTION MY STATE FATHERS & MY PRESIDENTS SBY(Susilo Bambang Yudoyono) President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono,heading for a sweeping re-election victory,is a retired four-star general who rose through the rank of the Indonesia's former dictatorship,yet has recorded his own album of romantic ballads. Sometime called''the thinking general'',friend say he is a solitary and well-read man with sharp intelect.His name has been mentioned by opponents in conection with atrocities,but there have never been trials for past military rights abuses and no evidence has never been presented linking him to wrongdoing. They''express my feelings and thoughts as President and an ordinary human being''he said on his website. All Praise be to Allah Swt,SBY be Indonesian President,wish my country will be right for economics,sociality,military and all for Indonesian get the good future amien.. Sekarang ga perlu pusing-pusing mikir siapa yang yang menang PilPres, yang jelas udah terjawab ''SBY bapak negaraku,SBY presidenku'' semoga negara lebih baik pokoknya be good the best choise,TERWUJUDNYA INDONESIA YANG SEJAHTERA,DEMOKRATIS,DAN BERKEADILAN,Melanjutkan pembangunan menuju Indonesia yang sejahtera,Memperkuat pilar-pilar Demokrasi,Memperkuat dimensi keadilan di semua bidang(itulah visi dan misi yang pernah disampaikan dalam iklan layanan masyarakat KJRI Hongkong)...

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