15 August, 2009

HSBC indonesia

HSBC's INDONESIA,SHANGHAI moves beef up Asia presence
Global banking giant HSBC is making moves to gain greater traction in the region from wich it sprang 144 year ago Asia. HSBC now has a 98.96 % ownership stake in the Indonesian bank.HSBC said that it has bought $269.01 milion shares on the publicly-owned Indonesian bank PT BANK EKONOMI RAHARJA for $72 milion.The doue acquisition almoust doubled HSBC's presence,expanding it to 208 outlet in 26 cities in the world's fourth most populous country,the move complements its highly publizied proposed SHANGHAI IPO, a deal designed not to raise funds as much as promote the HSBC brand name. HSBC is also know to be on the hunt for joint-venture partners to tap maindland's vast and rapidly growing insurance and securities market'sBut the cap on its return to China's mainland would a listing on the Shanghai stock exchange. In an effort to deregulate country capital market,relevant authorities in may agreed to let qualified foreign companies list on its stock exchanged by issuing shares or depository receipts. Ya semoga saja kerjasama HSBC Indonesia,Shanghai membawa perkembangan yang lebih baik dengan tersebarnya semakin banyak cabang-cabang yang telah di buka diharapkan mampu menjadi perekonomian yang semakin benefit di kawasan Asia...

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