03 December, 2010

Faith True Love

Drove in the night 'cause to get to you 
Hearing and see to do is going 
After know what's true lovein this live 
Now i'm understand 
All night i just drove to you 

Really i want crept in your live 
Even us before and just as sure 
Some where I've never been 
As look in your eyes 
How can make you beleif me...? 

Take me as i'm you have alot of the reason
An so make my cry 
Promise about you and me
I didn't just where to go 

Take me as i'm so please...have faith true love
A light in the dark shining you love to me 
Be the heart i know will be my love 
A new day has come with bring
Have faith pearlword become true...amien.. 

Puisi untuk mengenang sahabat yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita,semoga amal ibadahnya diterima dan mendapatkan tempat yang terang di sisi-NYA dengan ungkapan FAITH TRUE LOVE amien.
Created by Anna Nurjannah

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