03 September, 2009

Means Of live Hood

Means Of LiveHood (nilai sebuah Mata Pencaharian)
Many educated people in Indonesia want to be goverment employees because of getting regulary salary,althougt it isn't enough for their families because they will get their retired payment after they retire on a pension at the age of either fifty five or sixty. In the other hand,most people who live in rural area are farmers.The farmers in the low land usually grow rice,corn,and cassava.Nevertheless,the farmers in the hight land usually grow an fruit.Some of them make their living by breeding,cows,gots and chickens,the cow supply milk, the chicken supply egg or other poultry. Poor farmers usually own the small huts made of the red bbricks or bamboo.Some poor farmers make bricks if the rice doesn't crop well.So they also bricklayer.Making brick as the partime job. Urban populations live in the capytal city,bigs city and towns.Most of them are factory workers,salesman,salesgirl,servant,traders,etailers,drivers,cleaning service,contractor,teaches and so forth. He..he...ngasah bahasa inggris rek....by the way ya seperti itulah mata pencaharian di Indonesia,beragam yang dilakukan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan yang semakin mencekik kick...leher hiks..hiks...sehingga mata pencaharian apapun diharapkan mampu dan mempunyai nilai terdepan,semoga dengan kelanjutan Pemerintahan di bawah tangan Bpk,Susilo menjadikan rakyat negri menjadi rakyat yang makmur.

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